6 to the 27th power

My “Foot in the Door” piece came back with a few dings. There were also some sides to the smaller cubes that I didn’t like and wanted to work on some more. It took me awhile to be more satisfied with the piece, and I still wish I had spent more time preparing the blocks before I painted them. But after working on the piece some more, I feel better about it. Each time I have finished working on the painting part of this, I then spend about 4 hours moving the blocks around trying to find the “perfect” arrangement. I don’t know what huge number 6 to the 27th power turns out to be, but I do know that the choices in arranging the blocks into the final cube is visually complex and a fascinating exercise in composition.

The block was challenging to photograph. I took a number of shots from several different angles. I think this one offers the best glimpse of what the piece actually is like. Along with others of my work, it will be in the WARM Mentor Program exhibit at Bloomington Art Center from September 3 to October 8, 2010. The opening reception is September 17 from 6-9 p.m.

1 Response to “6 to the 27th power”

  1. 1 Tom McGregor March 18, 2011 at 10:01 pm

    You do beautiful work Barbara. Wonderful colors and design.

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