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Springboard Professional Development workshop

Yesterday, I attended the workshop given by Creative Capital under the auspices of Springboard for the Arts and the Minnesota State Arts Board. The three presenters filled our heads with information about websites, blogs and the uses of social media for advancing our professional careers as artists. There was so much information that it will take me some time to digest it, much less put it to use! It made me wish I had the resources to attend their longer (presumably much more leisurely) workshops in New York City. They shared with us a link to their online tutorial which – they say – contains all of the information in the workshop in greater detail and with lots of help. Here is the link: ifa stands for “internet for artists.” When I’ve recovered and can stand to sit in front of the computer for hours (!), I’ll go there and see what else I can learn to refresh my memory about what was taught yesterday.

Another of the paintings I recently added to my  website.

New work

With the help of my daughter, I finally have been able to take photos of some of my more recent work using my digital camera. Shooting in “Raw” allowed me to eliminate the troublesome lighting I had been attempting and to correct for exposure and make other adjustments in the computer instead. This painting was completed almost 2 years ago but I had been unable to get a good image of it.

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