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The Frog King

The Frog King

Her promise means nothing

a child crying for a lost

plaything crying

as children do coming face to

face with the world.

She would have promised anything.

An older girl

a young woman, though

the golden ball alone

a plaything

makes unlikely that possibility

might have laughed

abandoned the ball walked away


A promise is

a promise Father commands.

So he ate from her plate

drank from her cup slept

that’s what he called it

in her bed.

Now everyone says the naked

man in her bedroom is

a king, even though

the girl

the child insists he is just a frog.

Rapunzel, After

I’ve been working on writings in a new journal specifically set aside for the Fairy Tale Series (I tend to have to do that when a new series begins to seriously coalesce).  With the new journal, a sewn binding with lots of pages printed with a 4-square graph, I feel more free. I scribble over what I’ve written, test words, move things around, throw stuff out. The painting that goes with this one isn’t done yet, but I did know when I began it what it was about.

Rapunzel, After


It’s hard to piece the story together

from a handful of photos

half-truths, evasions

outright lies.


It’s true about the long-haired girl

and the prince, though he didn’t act

the way princes are supposed to.

He rescued her, he said, but she

was just looking for fun

a little wild maybe

just a girl.


The witch

if she really was one

died. Stroked out on the kitchen floor

while the girl was out shopping

about the same time the prince left

for good though he’d been leaving

all along

over and over and the girl with

first one baby then two

no one to comb her long hair

forgive her, soothe her when she was tired or

rock the babies so she could sleep.


After that it was years wandering in the woods

searching for a prince finding

one after another just like the first

or worse.

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